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Last updated: 2003-03-31

The Board of Deputies has welcomed the record level of the Communal Levy reached in 2002. Receipts amounted to £591K, compared with £537K in 2001. This represents an increase of ten percent since last year and demonstrates the support and confidence shown in the Board of Deputies by the British Jewish community

The Communal Levy is a voluntary donation of £20 a year which all synagogue members are asked to contribute towards the Board. The total collected from the levy has risen by over 40% during the last six years since Treasurer Flo Kaufmann came into office.

Board Treasurer Flo Kaufmann commented: “The Board is very grateful for the contribution made by so many members of the Jewish community. The record yield last year highlights the invaluable support of the community for the work of the Board. The Board works tirelessly to defend and protect the interests of the Jewish community but this cannot be done without sufficient funding and support. I am delighted that this work has been recognised. In the current climate affecting the Jewish community, the additional funds collected this year will make it possible for us to invest in resources which will help us to continue to protect the rights and interests of all those we represent.”