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J Post's wrong move

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2005-10-24

Jerusalem Post

Jerusalem Post

Israeli English language newspaper, The Jerusalem Post is to start publishing a special monthly Christian edition for readers in the USA. 

According to a report in The Guardian:

The paper is getting together with the International Christian Embassy (ICE) in Jerusalem - an organisation that says it exists to "comfort Zion" and "declare the purpose of God to the Jewish people" - to publish a monthly Christian edition from January principally aimed at American fundamentalists.

"The content is going to be jointly put together by the Jerusalem Post and the International Christian Embassy," says the Post's editor, British-born David Horowitz. "It'll be things like archaeology and tourism and ideological arguments and dilemmas and so on. Obviously, when your predominant mindset is a Jewish audience there are different stresses that go into providing content, whereas if you're doing it for a Christian audience there are going to be very different emphases and different focuses."

For some, myself included, it is a bit of a shock given that many of the Christians who will support this are the very same who are very active in converting Jews.

Indeed, it is hard not to believe that ICE is not just a front to engage with Jews in the hope they will convert.  While, active conversion is not allowed in Israel, it does go on behind the scenes and outside of Israel.

For Christians obsessed with converting Jews, the Jerusalem Post may have given them something they can truly exploit for their own PR gain which is worryingly for Jews all around the world. It sends out all the wrong messages to Christians intent of converting as they can use this to show examples of how the "message" is getting through to Jews and how they are working for the "glory of God".

What next?  Jews for Jesus special weekly newspaper?

Behind the scenes, this is a business decision and the Post is welcome to do whatever it likes, but sometimes, even for all the money in the world, you don't do certain deals that can impact on the negative to your own people.  This is one of those sometimes, when a deal like this does not need to be done.

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