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75 years of baking

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2005-11-23



Kosher bakery chain Grodzinski is to mark the 75th anniversary of its branch in Stamford Hill, north London with a day of celebration on Sunday, November 27.

The celebration at 91 Dunsmure Road will also be marked by a exhibition of photos and papers collected by Grodzinski owner Jonathan Grodzinski.

"There’s not more than a handful, at most, of bakeries in London that have been trading for 75 years in the same location,’ said Mr Grodzinski better known as Mr Joni to staff and customers. ‘Grodzinski’s has been an integral part of London’s Jewish life for many generations, and this is a marvellous opportunity for us to share our success with the greater community.’

Grodzinski, also known by its loyal customers with the nickname "Grods" has been supplying kosher breads and cakes for over a decade ever since the Grodzinski family arrived in England in 1888 from Vilna, Lithuania and over a century has built up its business to include a number of branches.

Even today, family members of the founders - Harris and Judith are actively involved. Its Edgware branch is managed by 23-year-old Tova Grodzinski – great-great-granddaughter of the first two Grodzinski's who settled in London in 1888.

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