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A piece of King David

by: SJ reporter - Last updated: 2005-11-23

King David Tapestry

King David Tapestry

Two artefacts that come from King David's Jerusalem Tomb are to be auctioned in New York in aid of Mount Zion Foundation and the Diaspora Yeshiva for educational purposes.

A tapestry covering the sarcophagus in the Mount Zion Tomb of the legendary king  as well as a charity box will be auctioned in New York in December.

The two lots are expected to raise as $1.5m when auctioned at the Warwick Hotel on December 14.

The tapestry features a red rose pattern woven in wool, backed by linen and is approx 7.5 feet x 15 feet.  The rose pattern is said to represent the festival of Shavuot. It is believed that Baron Edmond de Rothschild donated the tapestry from his collection of Aubussons.

King David is renowned for his psalms as well as for taking on Goliath, the giant Philistine warrior who David beat with a stone and a sling.

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