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Diamonds forever

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2005-11-24

Ten Commandements on a diamond

Ten Commandments

In the run up to Chanukah, what can you get for your nearest and dearest? How about some unique precious stones or jewellery and getting them direct form Israel?

Well, is offering a vast range of products to buy at prices going from a few hundred dollars up to many thousands.
Its range offers both traditional and non-traditional from a necklace to a diamond with the ten commandments on it.
The ten commandments will set you back $5460.  But if you don't want the ten commandments, the company can offer other customised pieces including stars, butterflies and even a maple leaf.  Or you can ask them to make a bespoke piece.
The company behind the website, I. Berman Ltd has been a manufacturer of diamonds for over 40 years and as well as taking orders over the web, the company can take orders over the phone through a freephone number.
Based out of Ramat Gan, the company will ship its products all around the world and offers ready made as well as customised items to buy.
"Because all our jewellery pieces are handcrafted we are able to adapt any setting to fit any diamond or gemstone. This ensures that the finished product is perfectly proportioned and securely set, no matter what shape the stone," said Brad Freiden, vice president of sales. "It also means that we can keep up with current jewellery fashions without compromising on quality," he added.
Israel-Diamonds is a member of the Israel Diamond Exchange which is home to over 1000 dealers and is itself the largest diamond exchange in the world.
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