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Bombing in Netanya

by: Jim Teeple - Last updated: 2005-12-05

Netanya bombing

Netanya bombing

At least four people were killed and more than 35 others injured, in a suicide bombing in the Israeli town of Netanya.

Witnesses say a suicide bomber blew himself up at the entrance to a shopping centre in Netanya. It was the second such attack at the Netanya mall this year and the first suicide bombing in Israel since October 26, when a suicide bomber killed six people in the central Israeli city, Hadera.

In a statement to a Lebanese television station, Islaqmic Jihad claimed responsibility for the bombing.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas condemned the bombing.

The bombing came just hours after Palestinian militants launched rocket strikes against Israeli communities bordering on the Gaza Strip. Israeli officials launched air and artillery strikes against Palestinian targets, in response.

Story supplied by: VOAnews