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Rabbis get honour

by: SJ reporter - Last updated: 2005-12-07

Rabbi Rodney Mariner

Rabbi Rodney Mariner

Two British reform rabbis have been recognised for their communal work at a special ceremony in the United States.

Rabbi Rodney Mariner, Convenor of the Reform Beit Din and Rabbi Reuven Sliverman of Manchester Reform, were awarded Honorary Doctorates by the Jewish Theological Seminary.

The two were honoured during a ceremony in New York which saw other rabbis being recognised for their contribution to Jewish communal life.

"I was delighted to receive this recognition," said Rabbi Mariner. "By honouring these rabbis and mentioning the hugely varied and individual achievements of each, those present at the ceremony were able to get a sense of the amazing breadth of rabbinic work. It was an extremely moving experience for some of us, so used to presiding over bar-mitzvahs and weddings, to be put in the spotlight and given recognition in this way.”

Rabbi Silverman added: "In a Jewish world that is shrinking yet polarised, it was a revitalising experience for me to take part in a ceremony that brought me together with American Conservative colleagues. In addition, visiting a couple of the most successful synagogues (Bnei Jeshurun and the Society for the Advancement of Judaism Synagogue), gave me much inspiration for communal regeneration at home.”