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Clive takes on human rights

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2005-12-12

Clive Gabay

Clive Gabay

CCJO-ReneCassin, a Jewish human rights group that promotes rights for all has appointed its first full time director.

Clive Gabay, a former Union of Jewish Students campaigns organiser takes up his role for the group that was founded by the late French-born rights activist Rene Cassin.

Much of its work is done at the United Nations where the group has consultative status, while it is also active in the Council of Europe.

It claims that its position allows it to make direct representations and help protect the interests of human rights at the United Nations. In 2004, it was also able to work with several groups including Amnesty International and the International Commission of Jurists in helping to establish new principles in human rights law.

"The United Nations is in the throes of reform, and will hopefully be able to shake off some of the negative aspects that have especially informed the Commission for Human Rights," said Clive Gabay.

"Within this challenging framework it will be especially important to highlight the relevance and importance of particular Jewish experiences – the Holocaust, Soviet oppression and indeed the anti-Semitism that continues unchecked in some quarters to this day – applying them to universal principles of human rights globally."

On Mr Gabay's appointment, CCJO-ReneCassin co-chairs Alexander Goldberg and Daniel Kingsley said: "We look forward to the extra drive and energy he will bring us, and believe that CCJO-ReneCassin can only benefit from having someone of Clive's experience at the helm."

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