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A better pill to swallow

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2005-12-14



An Israeli company based in Yoqneam has come up with technology that is no bigger than a pill but when swallowed can help discover what problems a person has with their intestine and it's proving a reliable way to help people.

Given Imaging's capsule endoscopy known as a PillCam has been given to over 260,000 patients around the world and a new medical report praises the way it is used.
"The results of this study demonstrate the power of capsule endoscopy and support its role as a first line diagnostic tool for differential diagnosis of suspected diseases of the small bowel," said Blair Lewis, MD, Clinical Professor of Medicine and Gastroenterology at Mount Sinai School of Medicine.
In a clinical study, it identified diseases and other related problems at a higher level than other methods.
"Recent large studies with consistent clinical data continue to support the use of PillCam capsule endoscopy as a first-line diagnostic tool for patients who suffer from unresolved symptoms," said Gavriel Meron, president and chief executive officer of Given Imaging
Within 20 minutes of swallowing the PillCam doctors are then able to get a picture of what is inside the patient and patients can then get up and carry on as usual.
This compares to traditional endoscopy where patients need to be sedated as a camera is put down the mouth.
The PillCam is proving popular with people who have difficulty with regular endoscopy and when the device finishes its job, it then leaves the body naturally.
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