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First night Chanukah

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2005-12-19

Watch TV on laptop with PCTV60e


First night - Digital TV on your latop with a Pinnacle USB connector

If you've got a laptop, then a very welcome Chanukah gift will be the ability to watch Freeview digital TV on it. The Pinnacle PCTV 60e (£60) connects to your laptop by USB connection. No external power supply is needed meaning that this piece of kit is quick and easy to connect. More importanrly, being the size of a mobile, the 60e is light and can fit virtually anywhere.
Built into the PCTV 60e is an external ariel. Depending on location, you may need to extend it to full length which can make it tricky to stand up. A mini-stand to sit the 60e would have been welcomed.
But that minor gripe aside, the PCTV 60e is one of the best ways to watch Freeview.
Using a laptop with the PCTV 60e means there no need to buy a seperate digital TV box, nor do you have to connect it to a TV set. It also comes with a remove control which allows you to not be up close to your laptop and still change channels.
Watching TV on a laptop also provides the ability to record programmes directly to your hard disk or a DVD. Fancy taking screenshots from programmes, then the 60e has a facility to do that as well.
Until built-in digital TV comes as standard on most laptops, the PCTV 60e from Pinnacle provides all you need to watch digital TV and make the most of all current and future channels that will be broadcast on Freeview.

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