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Second night Chanukah

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2005-12-19



Second night -  Satellite Nav

Everyone is going Sat Nav mad these days. Want to know how to get from A to Z but don't want to use the old school method of a printed book or print outs from Google Maps or Streetmap, then you'll need a Sat Nav.
With plenty of competition out there, the choice of what's available is pretty vast.
Coming in at the high end of the market is the Indago.
For £600 you get everything you could want out of satellite navigation. A choice of male or female voice will guide you to your destinsation.  You just literally switch on the unit, and within a minute or two (though sometimes it can take up to five minutes), it will work out where you are and once you enter the postcode or area yoyu want to get to it will direct you.
Some units will give you a choice of more than two voices, but this is perfectly OK. When driving, Indago notifies the driver of both speed cameras in the area as well as the maximum speed limit. Driving too fast, it will beep you to slow down.
The Indago is relatively straight forward to set up. You can set up your home address and office address and as a quick step, wherever you are, you only have to choice home or office and it will work out the map for you.
No Sat Nav is 100% correct all the time. Occasionally, the Indago will tell you to go left or right when you know that you shouldn't do the suggested left or right. But where this happens, it does eventually work out the correct way. Of course, if you feel an instrction is not correct, then you can go the way you think is correct. 
If you're looking for a Sat Nav unit that offers premium services such as speed camera warnings, then the Indago provides something you can certainly make use of.

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