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Fourth night of Chanukah

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2005-12-19



For the fourth night of Chanukah, what do you give to the person who seems to have everything? Well the answer to that is gift vouchers.  Buy them online and they choose what they like.

It's quick and easy to do.  All you need is their email address, how much you would like to give and then go to any number of quality retailers online who offer vouchers people can buy as presents.

If its everything and anything you want to buy for, then Amazon is a good choice. Of course they can use the  vouchers to buy books ,CDs and DVDs. But as Amazon is much more than just that they can also choose to use the vouchers towards household good as well. There's plenty of choice at Amazon.

If you know the person is a gadget freak, then Firebox provides the ultimate is gadgets and gizmos.  From budget price to highly expensive, there's a gadget and gizmo for everyone.

That old Jewish favourite John Lewis also offers gift vouchers but they are actual printed vouchers that are sent out in the post to whoever you want to give them to. But, once your nearest and dearest gets them, they can order online through the John Lewis website and use the vouchers to pay for the good using the special codes that appear on them.