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Jew Da Maccabi

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2005-12-19

Jew Da Maccabi

Jew Da Maccabi

From a base out of Florida, Jewish orthodox rapper Jew Da Maccabi is creating a real buzz with the video of one of his tracks Iron Like A Lion.

With a thumping beat, pro-Jewish lyrics and a sharp performance, this 29 year old rapper looks set to do for Jewish rap what Matisyahu has done for Jewish reggae - get it out of just a Jewish niche and get it into the mainstream. 

And like Matisyahu, Jew Da Maccabi is a Jew who became frum and wants to get his message out to as many people as possible.

Dressed in standard Chabad gear, trademark hat with tzizit that you can see, Iron Like A Lion is a work of sheer brilliance. A strong beat, an addictive video to watch and good delivery of lyrics, Jew Da Maccabi has the potential to achieve success.

Video Clip

Born Amnon Arama in Reshon Le Tzion in Israel, Arama came to New York when he was 10 months old and moved again in the States to Miami when he was 12 and from the age of 14, he has been busy building up his rapping skills.

Three years ago with the help of his wife, Hagit, Arama created a vehicle for his musical projects - Kosher Productions which he channels his energy.

As well as gigging around his home state of Florida, Jew da Maccabi develops projects for Jewish teens to help them connect with their roots.

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