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Celebrate 350

Last updated: 2005-12-20

2006 represents a very special year in Britain for both the Jewish community and the wider British society. It marks the 350th Anniversary of Jews being allowed to resettle in England by Oliver Cromwell since Edward I expelled all Jews in 1290.

SomethingJewish will be offering ongoing coverage of the events taking place as well as providing information and background details on all aspects of Jewish life in Britain.

If you are organising an event, let us know so we can write about it and let others know.

If you have stories about what life is like living in Britain as a Jew, share them.

Celebrate 350 is exactly that, an online resource to celebrate Jewish life in Britain over the last 350 years and the contribution Jews have made to British society.

Celebrate 350 will also be compiling the essential 350. This will be a list of 350 British Jews who have made a contribution to Britain. From the very famous to the not-so-famous. It is about people who have contributed to making Britain great. And it is about their lives and stories that we want to share with others.

We want to hear about people who are doing great work for the community, people who work hard helping others, those doing well in business, showbiz, medicine and other professions.

If you know of someone who should be featured, let us know by email: