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Last updated: 2003-02-04

The Board of Deputies has delivered its heartfelt condolences to the family of Ilan Ramon, following the tragic events over the weekend.

Ilan Ramon, a pilot in the Israeli Defence Force and the first Israeli to go into space, had become a symbol of all that Israel stood for. The Board’s thoughts and sympathies are with Ilan Ramon’s family as well as the families of the six other crew members of the space shuttle, Columbia.

In his letter to Mrs. Ramon, Director General Neville Nagler wrote: “We have watched with pride over the past few weeks as Ilan became the first Israeli to go into space, taking with him symbols of our Jewish heritage. We feel sure that the memory of such a heroic man, who fought for his country and became a source of hope and spirit for so many people, will serve as an inspiration for Jewish people throughout the world.”