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Cohen out with new sites

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2005-12-30

Benjamin Cohen

Benjamin Cohen

Benjamin Cohen, the former teenager who generated much media interest when he launched his Jewish website Jewishnet in the late 90s and eventually merged with TotallyJewish owner Totally plc is launching a network of gay interest websites.

Under the Pink Unlimited umbrella, Cohen, 23, hopes to emulate the amount of interest he generated for his Jewish site with the new Pink News (of which he is the editor), and Pink Legal offerings.
Pink Legal offers gay couples the opportunity for a price to write wills and draft other legal documents including a gay prenuptial document for those entering into civil partnership. Pink Legal is supplied with its legal services through Epoq Group, a company founded by Cohen's father and uncle.
"Unlike the rest of the gay media, and its associated publications are not aimed at young gay males interested only in clubbing and sex,” he says.
Cohen says he has already raised his first stage of funding and hopes to secure more funding by the middle of next year to expand.
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