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Last updated: 2003-02-04

The Board of Deputies is delighted that the petition to set up a Commission of Inquiry into the misuse of EU funds by the Palestinian Authority has acquired the requisite number of signatures.

Board Vice President Tony Sacker had previously written to all British MEPs urging them to sign the petition to ensure that a proper investigation was undertaken. Such an investigation is essential to ensure that EU money is not being used to fund terrorism but instead to provide care and support for the Palestinian population. The petition required 157 signatures from one quarter of all MEPs.

Vice President Tony Sacker commented: “A Commission of Inquiry is an absolute requisite if terrorism is to be brought to an end in the Middle East. It is disappointing that not a single Labour or Liberal Democrat MEP agreed to sign the petition.” However we now expect the European Union to take this request seriously and examine the wide-ranging evidence that is already available. Whilst terrorism continues in the Middle East, there can be no end to suffering for both Israelis and Palestinians.”