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Last updated: 2003-02-03

Following a letter of complaint to the Campaign For Nuclear Disarmament (CND) regarding its association with unrestrained anti-Israel hatred, the Board of Deputies has received a positive and encouraging reply.

Board Director General Neville Nagler had complained to CND about its close association with anti-Israel groups and comments by some of its representatives equating Israel with Nazi Germany. In her response CND’s Chair, Carol Naughton, assured the Board that CND was working hard to ensure that the next demonstration organised by the Stop the War Coalition and the Muslim Association of Britain would be free from inappropriate slogans and chants. Ms. Naughton also clarified CND’s position on the conflict in the Middle East which respects the right of both Israelis and Palestinians to live in peace. She added that the recent remarks made by a CND representative equating Israel’s actions with Nazi Germany were not acceptable.

Neville Nagler commented: “CND has responded in a very reasonable manner to our concerns. We recognise that there will be areas where CND’s views may differ from those of the Board of Deputies. But it is important that we respect one another and do all that we can to promote peace and harmony both within British society and in the wider international context”.