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Dedication to HMD

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2006-01-19

Dedication to HMD

Dedication to HMD

First Minister of Wales Rhodri Morgan and Cardiff Council Leader Rodney Berman have signed a book of commitment to Holocaust Memorial Day at the Raoul Wallenberg Memorial in Cathays Park in Cardiff.

The signing of the book affirms commitment to support the principles of the day and to work in combating all forms of discrimination.

"The Book of Commitment serves as a link between each city that hosts the national event, and reminds us of the important place the annual commemorations now hold in all communities," said Dr Stephen Smith, chair of the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust. "It is particularly fitting that the ceremony should take place at the memorial to Raoul Wallenberg, who was instrumental in saving thousands of lives between 1939-45, at considerable risk to himself."

The signing comes to also mark Wales for hosting this year's Holocaust Memorial Day on January 26 with the Millennium Centre being the focal point for the UK.

"The purpose of Holocaust Memorial Day is to ensure that the Holocaust’s horrendous crimes against humanity are never forgotten, and its relevance for each new generation is fully understood," said Mr Morgan."This national commemoration event in Cardiff will make a difference because it will help promote a democratic and tolerant society that respects and celebrates diversity, and free of the evils of prejudice and racism."

Cardiff Council Leader Rodney Berman added: "I am honoured that Cardiff Council has been chosen to host the sixth annual UK Holocaust Memorial Day commemoration event. It is an incredibly important occasion and is it is a privilege for us to be allowed to show our respects for all those people who did make a difference during this dark period in our history."

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