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Crystal's tan-tastic!

by: Leslie Bunder and Caroline Westbrook - Last updated: 2006-01-23

Crystal Parizanski

Crystal Parizanski

Music supremo Simon Cowell has always attracted Jews to his British talent shows Pop Idol and X Factor – remember Rowetta, Eye Of The Tiger singer Warren and of course, the cab driver from Blackpool, but none of them were quite as upfront about being Jewish.

After all, you can't give a life story in a 60 second audition. But American Idol (on ITV 2 in the UK and Fox in the US) likes to do things bigger and bolder, and they don't come any more upfront and Jewish than 16-year-old hopeful Crystal Parizanski from Chicago.

With a striking tan and Star of David around her neck, Crystal has built up quite a massive following since she failed to impress the judges with her rendition of Jennifer Holliday's And I'm Telling You I'm Not Going. Already the talk of many blogs and also a friend of many through her Myspace website, Crystal looks set to be a name to watch – for sheer kitsch value.

Her appearance on the show was memorable, not only for her off-key audition but for her outdoing Dale Winton in the tan stakes. Her mother was also invited into the audition room but the editors of American Idol appeared to cut out anything she said.

Even though Crystal didn't get through, she was certainly entertaining viewing and we think she should pursue a career in entertainment.

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