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Reform HMD broadcast

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2006-01-25

Rabbi Tony Bayfield

Rabbi Tony Bayfield

To mark Holocaust Memorial Day, Rabbi Tony Bayfield has been invited to lead an Act of Worship to be broadcast on Friday at 9.45am on BBC Radio 4, alongside Sister Margaret Shepherd.

The long wave broadcast will also pay tribute to the late Reform Rabbi Hugo Gryn who survived Nazi death camps.

"The theme of Holocaust Memorial Day this year is 'one person can make a difference'. This idea also lies at the heart of Judaism – a person who saves a single life it’s as if they had saved the whole world," Rabbi Bayfield said.

He added: "The horrors of the Holocaust inspired courageous acts both dramatic and less obvious by Jews and by non-Jews which did make a difference, both physically by saving life, and in demonstrating that humanity and religious values can survive in the most inhuman circumstances. Studying and remembering the Shoah yields hope as well as horror."