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NLJFC goes training

by: Matthew Drage - Last updated: 2006-02-01



In August of this year the North London Jewish Football Club will be embarking on its second trip abroad. The club will be taking both its adult mens team, and its Under 14 boys team to Europe’s number one training facility – La Manga.

The resort is the same one that is frequented by the world’s best professional teams such as FC Barcelona, FC Bayern Munich, Newcastle United and the England National team. It is a unique opportunity for an amateur club to play and train at this world-class facility.

The NLJFC, founded in 2003, sees international competition as an integral part of a player’s football, social, and cultural development. Therefore, part of the club’s philosophy is to provide a form of international competition to its members on a regular basis. The facilities in other countries, on the whole, tend to be superior to those found in England. Our trips abroad enable our teams to train and play matches on world-class facilities which would otherwise be unavailable to us at home. The NLJFC only organises trips to places with on-site facilities of an extremely high quality as this will be of most benefit to our players. For instance, in 2004, the club took its Under 12 team on a 5 day trip to Holland. Based at the Olympic Training Centre the team played three matches, including 2 against semi-professional opposition.

The club has had several notable domestic successes. In 2004/05 the NLJFC Mens team won the Maccabi Southern Football League (MSFL) Division 5 Championship in the team’s inaugural year, despite being the league’s youngest side. In the same year, the Under 13 side came runners-up in the Maccabi Southern Primary Football League (MSPFL) and was awarded the league’s trophy for sportsmanship and fair-play. Most recently, Club Chairperson Matthew Drage received the London FA Football Workforce Young Persons award for 2005.

The NLJFC is currently attempting to raise £20,000 for the event. We are well aware that this is an extremely ambitious target but that is what the NLJFC is all about -  striving to reach those goals which at first glance seem unobtainable. This figure would allow the club to take every single one of its players, team managers, and club officials on this trip, thereby giving everybody involved with the club the opportunity of participating in this truly wonderful experience regardless of personal financial circumstance.

The NLJFC is seeking sponsorship partners who will mutually benefit from the exposure the club can offer. All the matches (2 per team) will be broadcast on the official club website to a potentially unlimited internet audience. Furthermore the NLJFC is offering a full season’s sponsorship post-trip, giving businesses the opportunity of domestic exposure via the local, regional and national competitions in which the club competes.

There are further details in the sponsorship prospectus, the link to which is below, and we have a number of packages available. However, sponsors will benefit from:

- advertising space on match shirts
- advertising space on tracksuits
- advertising space on training kits
- advertising space on player bags
- pitch-side advertising banners in La Manga
- official sponsorship titles on all press releases, emails, and newsletters
- sponsors name on the front cover of the post-tour publicity brochure
- advertising space in the post-tour publicity brochure
- advertising banners on the official club website
- 2 places on the trip for Platinum sponsors

The NLJFC prides itself on being ‘that little bit different to everybody else’ and this is why we aim so high.

Without the support of our current team sponsors - JMT Ventures/, David Rubin & Partners, and the Jewish Chronicle - the NLJFC could not function in the manner that it does. BUT WE NEED MORE!

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of the NLJFC for the 2006 trip to La Manga and the 2006/07 season, please have a look at our sponsorship prospectus and feel free to contact Club Chairperson, Matthew Drage, on:

For more information about the club, please visit our official website: