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Last updated: 2003-01-22

The Board of Deputies has complained to CND (the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament) about its association with unrestrained anti-Israel hatred.

Such concerns have arisen from CND’s close association with Moslem groups campaigning against Israel. CND have also refused to criticise Palestinian and pro-Palestinian terrorism or the use of Holocaust and Nazi imagery in their condemnation of the Jewish State. A caller to CND’s headquarters was recently told that the organisation reflected its members’ beliefs that Israel’s actions in Jenin were equal to those of the Nazis. Furthermore, the “vice chair” of CND in Wales, Ray Davies, was recently quoted as saying that a formal visit to Israel by a Welsh Assembly delegation was comparable to an official visit to Germany while it was occupying Czechoslovakia and Poland.

In his letter to CND Chair Carol Naughton, the Board’s Director General Neville Nagler wrote:
“I must now formally enquire if CND does indeed equate Israel’s actions with those of Nazi Germany, or indeed with the Holocaust – as does the Muslim Association of Britain with whom you now appear to be organising many of your events.

“Antisemitic attacks against British Jews rise and fall in direct relation to Middle East events. These attacks are perpetrated by a lunatic fringe that must, at the very least, draw comfort from CND’s acquiescence in the excessive anti-Israel hatred of your partner organisations.”