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Last Nazis being hunted

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2006-02-05



British police have started an investigation into Nazi war criminals who are still believed to be living in the UK.

According to The Guardian newspaper, Scotland Yard has relaunched its search for the war criminals seven years after disbanding its specialist unit for the task.
An eight-strong team of officers from the anti-terrorist branch are undertaking the work to try and find the last remaining Nazis who took up residence in the UK after World War II.
Several hundred former members of the Waffen SS who were recruited in the Ukraine are believed to be in the UK and some of them are accused in taking part in the killing of Jewish and non-Jewish people.
They came into the country as farm labour to help rebuild Britain after the war in 1947. At the time, very little media coverage referenced their arrival. While many were employed as farm labour, others were recruited by the secret service and sent back to the Ukraine to spy on the Soviet Union. Only a handful were ever deported to Germany on the grounds of being "undesirables".  The remainder settled in the country and eventually become British subjects.
"Making sure old war criminals can never sleep easy in their beds sends an important message to the would-be war criminals of tomorrow," said Labour MP for Hendon Andrew Dismore.
Mr Dismore has also passed on additional information he has obtained to the police. "I have given them various names - unaccounted for SS people who may be in the country, or people living in the UK who are worth investigating," he told the Press Association.
To date only one person has ever been convicted in Britain of war crimes. Anthony Sawoniuk, a British Rail ticket collector, was found guilty in 1999 of murdering 18 Jews in Belarus. In November 2005, he died in prison in Norwich.