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ORT returns to Britain

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2006-02-08

World ORT

World ORT

In a return to providing educational services to British Jewish pupils, World ORT is one of the key partners in helping to turn the planned Jewish Community Secondary School (JCoSS) in Barnet, north London into reality.

Following recent news that JCoSS has received government backing for the UK's first inclusive Jewish secondary school regardless of Jewish background or religious affiliation, World ORT, founded in 1880 is looking forward to providing the range of services it offers to over 270,000 students in 58 countries across the globe.

"We look forward to putting ORT’s 125 years of experience into what we aim to make a specialist school in science with a focus on biotechnology and nanotechnology,” said World ORT director general Robert Singer.

The school, which is planned to open in September 2009, will see World ORT having two seats on its board of governors.
"There is still much work to be done but we are now one step closer to realising our dream of bringing ORT’s worldwide expertise in scientific and technological education to Britain,” said
British ORT chairman Alan Goldman.

The last time ORT provided educational services in the UK was during World War II. Students of the ORT school in Berlin who had fled Nazi Germany were sent to Kitchener Camp, a reception centre for refugees in Sandwich, Kent while teaching staff went to Leeds. Eventually, the children rejoined the teachers in Leeds.  

"During the war, ORT reopened its Berlin school in northern England with refugees from Nazi Germany," added Mr Singer. "Now, 60 years after that school was closed and the world is commemorating the victory over fascism, it is a symbol of the resilience of the Jewish people that we are now preparing this major project to benefit this major Jewish community,"

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