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Jewish media round-up

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2006-02-26

Jewish media

Jewish media

Each week SJ editor Leslie Bunder looks at some of the stories that the print Jewish media are reporting by delving into their front pages, news sections and features and adding his own additional comment.

Both Jewish Chronicle and freesheet The Jewish News report on their respective front pages the jailing of two teenagers, one 15 and one 16 who were part of a gang that waged a vicious three-day campaign in June 2004 of anti-Semitic terror against pupils from JFS.

The two were sentenced to a combined seven years in a youth offenders institution for their crimes with the 15-year old getting three years and the 16-year-old getting four years.

"The group targeted nine JFS students, aged as young as 11, as they made their way home from the school in Kenton," The Jewish News reports.

"The gang used violence and anti-Semitic verbal threats to demand mobile phones and money," it further reported.

LB adds: Issues of hate crimes against Jews need to be reported better, whether it is attacks on people or property, it is not acceptable at any level and the strong level of punishment shows that.

The Jewish Chronicle reports that two Israeli chief rabbis are delaying a planned visit to London to meet the Archbishop of Canterbury in protest at plans that the church of England recent vote on divestment from Israel.

Chief Rabbis Yona Metzger and Shlomo Amar were due to meet with Dr Rowan Williams in the spring but are rather concerned by recent moves by the CoE.

LB adds: Trade with Israel is important, by not investing in the country, it is not just Israeli Jews who suffer, it is all including Israeli Arabs and Christians. Why the Church singled out Israel when there are other countries it has investments is with highly dubious treatment of its citizens, shows a bias.

The Jewish News reveals the Jewish connection of Brit winner KT Tunstall. The 30-year-old Scot who was named Best British Female at the Brits sang on a number of tracks on the debut album by Klezmer fusion band Oi Va Voi.

In a bid to get encourage more Jewish liberals to get to know him better, potential Liberal Democrats leader Sir Menzies Campbell has spoken to the Jewish Chronicle. In the interview, the current acting leader affirmed his commitment to the Jewish community and his views on the state of the Middle East. He welcomed the recent jail sentence of holocaust denier David Irving in Austria, believes it is wrong for Israel to withhold tax revenue to the Hamas Government and didn't know his fellow MPs Lynne Featherstone and Susan Kramer were Jewish.

LB adds: It's all politics, Campbell is just trying to get Jewish Liberals on his side.

World Jewish Relief has a new chief executive in the shape of British Red Cross head of international aid Paul Anticoni. The Jewish Chronicle reports that he was directed by friends and family to go for the post, thought it seems he is still in the process of understanding the organisation. "I was also impressed by the work it does, albeit that I know little about it at present."

LB adds: World Jewish Relief does some great work and needs to improve its profile. Mr Anticoni has a challenge in front of him which is also an opportunity to show how the UK's Jewish community helps others across the world including those who suffered as a result of the recent Pakistani earthquake.

Women's group WIZO UK raised a record £3.2m in 2005, The Jewish News reports.

Both The Jewish News and Jewish Chronicle report that Jewish chicken eaters have been assured that why they are buying isn't affected by bird flu. As well as standard health checks, rabbinical supervision also ensures that everything is checked to make sure the chickens are safe, said the National Council for Shechita Boards.

The Jewish Chronicle reports that The Spiro Ark is to open its own cultural centre. The centre will be housed within its existing central London base  and will allow them to host events.

LB adds: Jewish culture is once again starting to develop in the UK and more places for people to perform and promote their work and interests to others should be encouraged.

Job of the week. The Jewish Chronicle is running an advertisement for the vacancy of chief executive for The Jewish Community Centre for London. While the centre is yet to establish its own permanent home, it has been hosting events at various venues across London over the past year and is building on these foundations to help raise its profile and more importantly funding for its own self-contained venue.