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Charity auction online

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2006-03-02


Helping children

An online auction for charity through eBay will allow Londoners the opportunity to clean out their attics and spare rooms and give the proceeds to a charity that helps with peace projects between Palestinian and Jewish children as well as providing anti-retroviral medication for children with HIV/AIDS in Africa.

The One to One Children's Fund is being helped on March 19 by eBay auction listers FlogIt4U who take goods and then sell them on behalf of owners allowing the owners to avoid the hassle to organise it themselves.

For One to One Children's Fund, both eBay and FlogIt4u are waiving their fees so all proceeds go to the charity.

In order to put the good on eBay, those with something to donate will need to visit the FlogIt4u shop in Hampstead, north west London and provided the item can raise at least £50 it will be accepted.

Among the projects One to One Children's Fund support in Israel is a centre in Jaffa where deprived Jewish and Arab children aged 6 to 11 attend four times a week where they are offered additional educational support as well as food.

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