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Community drugs initiative

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2006-03-05



Drugsline, the charity based in Gants Hill, north-east London is holding a stakeholder forum for those living and working the area on how to deal with drug and alcohol problems and how the whole community can work together in combating the problem.

Set up as a project and initiative from Chabad by Rabbi Aryeh Sufrin, the event in the evening on 8 March is aimed at all members from the local community as well as all faith leaders.

"Drugs policy remains high on the political agenda and it is important that all stakeholders make their voices heard," said Rabbi Surfrin. "We need to start tackling the serious problems drug and alcohol misuse gives rise to - and they do not end at the boundary of the local authority. I am looking forward to establishing ways in which we can work together locally to deliver the best service for our area."

Among those attending will be local MP Lee Scott, councillors from Redbridge Council, police, doctors and other workers in drug and alcohol abuse.

According to Drugsline, in the last two years it has dealt with over 1000 calls to its support line as well as provided educational information on the dangers of drugs to over 20,000 students.

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