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Human rights concern

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2006-03-03



Jewish human rights group, CCJO.RenéCassin has raised its concern over the new Government Bill by drawing similarities with Hitler's Enabling Act of 1933.

The controversial 2006 Bill passed its second reading last month and gives powers to the Government without it needing to go to Parliament

CCJO.RenéCassin claims in a statement that the Bill "is remarkably similar to Hitler’s Enabling Act passed in 1933. This Act gave Hitler power to transform Germany from a democracy to dictatorship."

Expressing its concerns, the group has written to Jim Murphy MP, the minister responsible for the Bill.

"Whilst we are not saying that the Government has any ill intent in proposing the bill it appears to be dangerously wide in its scope and currently offers insufficient safeguards against misuse by future governments," said co-chair Alexander Goldberg. "We must learn the lessons from history – Parliament is an essential safeguard against the abuse of executive power and part of our democratic tradition. Its role must not be diluted."

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