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Victor’s Israel success

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2006-03-10

Victor Chandler

Victor Chandler

Gibraltar and UK regulated bookmaker Victor Chandler is finding business is booming in Israel.

As one of the largest independent bookmaking and gaming companies in the world, Victor Chandler is seizing the opportunity Israel offers for sports fans who don’t want to play state controlled services and claims 25,000 players with 30 percent being female.

It seems Israelis have taken a keen interest in the range of betting services that Victor Chandler offers through its website which has also been translated into Hebrew to appeal to local players as well as ex-pats and offers casino games, odds on football and other sporting events.

According to a recent report in the Jewish Chronicle, income from Israel last year was $150m producing $8m profits.

Michael Carlton, chief executive pointed out the reason why Israelis are playing with his company, better returns.

"The real problem in Israel is unfair competition from the government monopoly gambling board. The Israeli gambler is smart and knows he is getting a better deal from us. We return 92 per cent of our income to punters, while on some products the Israeli government pays out just 42 per cent of income."

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