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Jewish media round-up

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2006-03-12

Jewish media

Jewish media

Each week SJ editor Leslie Bunder looks at some of the stories that the print Jewish media are reporting by delving into their front pages, news sections and features and adding his own additional comment.

The Jewish News has an article from London Mayor Ken Livingstone in which he affirms his commitment to the Jewish community and defends the right to be critical of Israel without being labelled an anti-Semite.

The article comes in the wake of Livingstone being suspended by the Adjudication Panel for England for his comment to a Jewish reporter from the Evening Standard in which he likened his to a concentration camp guard.

He says: "As far as I am aware there is no law against `unnecessary insensitivity’ or even `offensiveness’ to journalists and it is ridiculous that three unelected people should be able to overturn a democratic election by millions of Londoners. That should be an open and shut case."

He added: "The contribution that Jewish people have made and continue make to our city is second to none. We have a duty to fight anti-Semitism, but it should not stop there. This is also about recognising the considerable achievements of Jewish people today."

LB adds: The whole incident has dragged on, it was pointless making an issue of it. Everyone should now more on. Those who think Livingstone is not sincere, will still think he is not sincere even if he indeed apologised, so frankly, it is not an issue worth carrying on with. The only people who ended up looking wrong were those associated with taking the matter further than it needed to be, that of course being The Board of Deputies.

The Jewish News writes that veteran TV broadcaster Sir David Frost is to host an Israeli election night special on 28 May as Israel goes to the ballot box to elect its next leader. The event is being organised by Israel information service BICOM.

LB adds: Should make an interesting night.

Both The Jewish Chronicle and The Jewish News report that former England international player John Barnes was in Israel as part an Israeli initiative based on England's Kick It Out which aims to tackle racism in football.

The Jewish Chronicle writes that Lord Rogers, the well respected architect has distanced himself firmly from a group of anti-Israel architects who held at meeting at his New York office in early February. The group who held the meeting Architects and Planners for Justice for Palestine issued a statement calling on the boycott of Israel. Lord Rogers who is of Italian Jewish descent has made it clear the views expressed were not his. He said: "I abhor boycotts of any kind - of Israel or any other place. It is not the way to achieve peace."  The move and statement comes as some New Yorkers began questioning if Lord Rogers' company should be involved in the development of two major projects if he has boycott views which are against New York State law.

LB adds: Lord Rogers has issued a statement and denocunced what was said. Let's hope he doesn't allow groups to hold meetings at his offices again without getting an idea about what the meeting is for.