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Chicken stops cold

by: Ben Morris - Last updated: 2006-03-13

ColdChick tablets

ColdChick tablets

An Israeli drugs company has developed a tablet containing chicken soup extract and paracetamol which can ward off the threat of the common cold.

Tel Aviv-based Yamotza Medical has spent over a decade perfecting the tablet which in testing has proved to stop the development of a cold. The tablet which has been trademarked as ColdChick is due to go on sale as an over the counter remedy later this year in the UK, Israel and United States.

In the UK alone, over £500m a year is spent on buying products to deal with the common cold and Yamotza is set to stake its claim to an estimated 23% of the market through its innovative product.

"For years, kosher chicken soup has been called Jewish penicillin," said Dr Uri Cohen. "So we thought that if we can combine the medicinal properties of chicken soup with that of paracetamol, we could have something that can be used to prevent a cold as well as helping to fight it."

According to Cohen, his scientists have discovered an ingredient contained within the chicken soup that offers medical benefits and when combined with the paracetamol is a winning combination.

Over a three year testing period, the ColdChick cold beater out performed other similar products including Lemsip.

"If a person gets a cold, we have found that within three hours of taking two ColdChicks, they are no longer suffering from a cold," Cohen said.

Through a licensing deal with Britain’s SKB, ColdChick will be available in two versions. A kosher tablet approved by the London Beth Din will come in 24 tablets and be priced at £9.49 while a non-kosher version offering 24 tablets will be priced at £3.99.

Cohen is aware of the price difference but says it is beyond his control.

"We wanted to make it the same, but when you add the cost of getting supervision as well as making sure that ColdChick kosher does not contain lactose means we have additional costs to incur," Cohen said.

Cohen said he does not rule out plans to make the pricing the same and says this could happen within the next two years.

ColdChick will be on sale in the autumn through independent chemists.

"At this time, we have signed up over 2,500 chemists in the UK to stock ColdChick, we are also talking to a number of chains who have also expressed interest," Cohen said.