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Honest reporting in the UK

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2006-03-16

Honest Reporting

Honest Reporting

A media monitoring organisation that seeks to address the balance on how Israel is treated by the media has launched a website dedicated to a UK audience.

Honest Reporting, which celebrates five years of going live on the internet has grown from just an idea into a fully fledged organisation committed to putting stories about Israeli into perspective.

"Heading up the UK site as senior editor is Simon Plosker, a former public affairs office for the Board of Deputies of British Jews who is now based in Israel.

"While we are certainly perceived as a pro-Israel organisation, Honest Reporting UK’s primary goal is to hold the media accountable to the standards of objectivity and balance to which they claim to adhere," Mr Plosker said. "We will educate and empower the grassroots to get involved – one person alone may not make an impact but thousands united can.”

Honest Reporting’s roots came from media coverage of Israel during Yom Kippur in 2000 and a group of students were concerned about how reports of Israel and its actions were biased.

In 2001, the students approached Aish HaTorah for help which enabled them to build a website and grow its services. Later in 2001, Honest Reporting become its own not-for-profit organisation.

The UK service follows similar sites aimed at country specific audiences including the USA, Brazil and Canada but have its own identity according to Mr Plosker.

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