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Jewish media round-up

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2006-03-19

Jewish media

Jewish media

Each week SJ editor Leslie Bunder looks at some of the stories that the print Jewish media are reporting by delving into their front pages, news sections and features and adding his own additional comment.

The Jewish News reports that a pensioner from Norfolk allegedly racially abused an orthodox Jewish family from London who were enjoying a day by the see on Norfolk beach.  William Galbraith is also said to have thrown stones at them and in a police statement said: "I find it uncomfortable to see people dressed like this on an English beach but they can dress how they want."  He also claimed in a police statement that the allegations were: "typical Jewish lies". A date for the case is to be fixed.

LB adds: No form of racial attack is acceptable. Action needs to be taken against anyone who shows racial abuse to others. Sounds like an ignorant old man, but even ignorant old men still need to be confronted.

According to The Jewish News, the world's largest hamantaschen was baked in Jerusalem by volunteers from the Association for the Welfare of IDF Soldiers. The hamantaschen weighted in at 650 kilos.

The Jewish News reports that Professor David Cessarani who specialises in Jewish history told a conference meeting of the Academic Friends of Israel that delegates that both Jews and Muslims should be able to find common ground when talking about racism.

The Jewish Chronicle reports that an Israeli employee at the British Embassy in Israel was involved in one of the worst cases of fraud to impact the Foreign Office. The fraud is said to have cost upwards of £800,000 over a number of years by an embassy driver. Some of the fraud involved receipts for diplomatic bags travelling on airlines.

The Jewish Chronicle reports that property tycoon Gerald Ronson is to be involved in the construction of the UK's first inclusive Jewish secondary school to be built in Barnet, north west London. The Jewish Community Secondary School (JCoss) is expected to open in 2009.

LB adds:  JCoss is a promising project that is fast becoming reality and looks set to deliver something that UK Jewish community has been waiting for - an inclusive school for all.