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Rabbi goes blogging

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2006-03-20

Rabbi Tony Bayfield

Rabbi Tony Bayfield

The head of The Movement for Reform Judaism has joined The Guardian's group blog Comment Is Free as one of its contributors.

"I think that it is really interesting and positive that The Guardian are prepared to include a rabbinic, committed Zionist voice," said Rabbi Tony Bayfield. "I want to use it as an opportunity for showing that when it comes to issues of social justice, human rights, ethics, repair of the world, the Jewish voice - particularly the Reform Jewish voice - is at the cutting edge."

Rabbi Bayfield posted his first entry on March 15 under the theme Blogging from a Jewish perspective and has so far gathered eight responses.

He said in the posting: "I think that what I can most usefully do is to respond to events as a Jew. I am going to assume the role of providing a Jewish perspective."

The Movement for Reform Judaism hopes that through Rabbi Bayfield's contribution, it will help the organisation to be better known, not just to the Jewish community but wider society.

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