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Uniting for peace

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2006-03-23

Mothers for peace

Mothers for peace

Two mothers, one Israeli and one Palestinian and both of them victims of terrorism have come to London to raise awareness of the impact terrorism has on peoples lives and push forward that mothers of the Middle East conflict should help towards delivering peace in the region.

The mothers, Hagit Mendellevich and Nonie Darwish said it is time for mothers across the Middle East to start promoting peace to their children and stop the hate cycle.

Hagit's son was killed in a suicide bombing, while Nonie's father became a terrorist martyr after being assassinated by Israel in 1956.

The two spoke at London's St. Ethelburga’s Centre for Peace & Reconciliation.

"I get discouraged when the media call terrorists freedom fighters. They think they are championing the underdog. But terrorists are not the underdog, they are brain-washed killers," said Nonie who was told that she should avenge her father's death by killing. "The true freedom fighters are the brave moderate Arab voices who risk their life speaking and advocating peace and freedom."

Hagit spoke of her vision for the future. "I long for the day Palestinian mothers will celebrate and have parties for their children when they become doctors and architects rather than when they kill themselves and other children as terrorists," she said. "Women can become bridges for peace. Not only do we bring life to this world, more importantly we educate our children, and our children are the future."