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Jewish media round-up

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2006-03-26

Jewish media

Jewish media

Each week SJ editor Leslie Bunder looks at some of the stories that the print Jewish media are reporting by delving into their front pages, news sections and features.

London mayor Ken Livingstone unites both The Jewish Chronicle and The Jewish News with his latest outburst. He recently told Indian-born Sephardi Jewish businessmen David and Simon Reuben to "go back to Iran" following frustration over the development of a project linked to the 2012 Olympics in East London.  Both brothers have no connection with Iran as their parents were from Iraq.

LB adds:  A major cock-up for Ken and actually shows how ignorant he can be. Telling two brothers who have made major contributions to British life and indeed London to "go back" is a sad and pathetic comment to be made by the Mayor.

The Jewish Chronicle reports that a primary school teacher who was giving barmitzvah lessons has been jailed for 33 months for sexually abusing two barmitzvah students. Andrew Josephs, 28 was found guilty on six counts relating to offences committed to the boys.  The Agency for Jewish Education has said it will be "tightening up procedures".

The Jewish Chronicle writes that Jewish headstones in a multi-denominational cemetery in Derby were smashed. Around 40 stones were the target of the Jewish section in Nottingham Road that contains 146 graves. Damage is estimated at £30,000. Two men from the town both aged 22 have been charged.

Both The Jewish Chronicle and The Jewish News write of failed Tory leader Michael Howard standing down as an MP at the next election. Being Jewish he says has never been an issue. "I don't think it is a bar to a political career," he said.

LB adds: Thankfully these days being Jewish and a politician is not too much of an issue for the vast majority of the British public. They don't vote against you because you are Jewish, they don't vote for you if you are not suitable. But Howard himself, is a totally assimilated Jew and so most people wouldn't know he was Jewish anyway.

The Jewish Chronicle has an interview with music legend Neil Sedaka and his recent comeback.

LB adds: For a JC interview it was quite revealing, delving a bit into his background and how he can sing Yiddish very well phonetically but not speak it.

The Jewish Chronicle has a comment piece on how healthy is kosher food and writer Sarah Keane argues that it is time for kosher consumers to get healthier choices from kosher manufacturers of food by cutting out salt and sugar.

LB adds: While the label may say kosher, that in itself is no real guarantee that it is healthy or even going to be good for you. We need to cut out the E numbers and other additives such as MSG that make their way to kosher food.  How can Jews be expected to keep kosher when many food items are not exactly good for your health? Of course there are many healthy kosher products, but the manufacturers need to improve on this and provide Jewish consumers with better choices.