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Dance yourself Israeli

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2006-03-30

Children from across the UK including those from London, Leeds, Manchester and Glasgow have taken part in the 16th Annual Children's Dance Festival organised by the Israel Dance Institute (IFDI).

More than 800 people, children as well as their parents, came to the day which took place in Hertfordshire and celebrated all aspects of Israeli dance and music. The day also remembered three Israeli composers Naomi Shemer, Uzi Chitman and Amitai Ne’eman.

Having established itself as part of the UK Jewish calendar, the IFDI has plans for expanding to include younger children as well as senior citizens.

"We are planning major expansion to encompass children of kindergarten age, their parents and golden agers to get involved," said Maurice Stone, IFDI chairman. 

According to Mr Stone, interest in Israeli dance has grown because "it is food for the soul".

Those interested in finding out more about Israeli dance and take part in the classes can contact the IFDI on 0208 446 6427

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