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Don't pass-over food for others

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2006-04-03

Leslie Bunder

Leslie Bunder

Here's a thought as we enter Passover. There you are busy cleaning out your home and making sure you get rid of all the chometz which you will undoubtly get your local rabbi to handle the task of "selling" it on, while of course it still remains on your premises by storing in a locked up cupboard or spare room which no one will touch.

Among the items of food you will discover will be jars and cans of things that have been lying around for the past few months, maybe even a year or two, but otherwise, all within the best before date.

Quite frankly, if you haven't eaten that can of value grapefruit pieces in their natural juice or Israeli strawberry jam that you bought last Passover, you are not likely to go out of your way to use it now. It'll probably stay around until next Passover when it will be joined by lots of other food you will never ever use but for some odd reason you will buy it and leave it to gather dust and remain unused until you just throw it away.

Well, here's a really simple idea on how you can get rid of it and in the process not just help yourself, but indeed others.  Donate the food to a charity.

Yes, it really is that simple.

Whether you want to donate it to a specific Jewish charity (of course double check to make sure the product meets their organisation's kosher policy) or indeed numerous non-Jewish charities, donating food is the perfect way to embrace Passover and help others throughout the community.

Many councils across the UK will be able to advise of local charities who are able to accept donations of food to support their work. Likewise, you can contact your local Jewish charity to find out what they can make use of.

Just make the small effort to phone them up and find out for yourself how your food which will never be used or eaten can actually make a big difference to someone else's life.

So when you are cleaning up in preparation for Passover and you come across all the food you have not eaten or used in the past year, just think about how you can make a difference with what you find. And then take some action to make sure your food is then able to be used by someone who can really make use of it.