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New shul for Hackney

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2006-04-05

A new synagogue with a state of the art community centre is set to come to Hackney, east London in 2007 following the closure of an existing synagogue in Brenthouse Road in September 2007.

The United Synagogue is now inviting local Jewish people to offer suggestions on what they would like to see from the new building which will be located in the Victoria Park area.

To be built in Lauriston Road, the new synagogue aims to appeal to the fast growing younger Jewish community that has recently started moving east as well as supporting the existing community.

Among the planned facilities will be a creative workshop area for arts and events.

"We want to provide an open, modern, contemporary Jewish centre in Hackney which will encourage and enthuse younger Jewish families to join the community and use the wide-ranging facilities that will be available," said Samuel Klein, resources and development manager of the United Synagogue.

"Hackney has been a centre of Jewish life for well over one hundred years and we aim to ensure that it remains so in the future," Mr Klein added.

Local residents can email their thoughts to: