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Life in Hackney

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2006-04-07

Tammy Mendelson

Tammy Mendelson

A play that brings together five London-based writers as well as actors from diverse backgrounds and communities including Jewish, Black and Asian goes into production later this month.

Babel Junction is set in Dalston, east London and runs from 26 April to 14 May at the Bullion Theatre, Hackney Empire.

Contributing the Jewish perspective is new writer Jessica Smerin and actress Tammy Mendelson who has had roles on TV including My Hero and The  Inspector Lynley Mysteries.

Throughout the development of the production local rabbi, Herschel Gluck helped both Tammy as well as the director of the production Suzanne Gorman with understanding the local orthodox community.

The play, produced by Maya Productions follows what happens Hackney district nurse Evelyn Brewster suffers a miscarriage and the ghost of her Tante Melda begins to take over.

Tammy plays the role of a young woman who has left her frum community and comes to terms what her faith means to her.

"As a theatre practitioner living and working in Hackney I like to create work that connects with, reflects and explores the community within which I live in," said director Suzanne Gorman. "Babel Junction has enabled me to do this and to broaden my understanding of different faiths and cultures.

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