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US help for Passover

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2006-04-07

Passover volunteer

Passover volunteer

Help for those in need during Passover is being organised by the United Synagogue.

Members from 15 communities including: Muswell Hill, Mill Hill, Ilford, St Johns Wood, Cockfosters and Palmers Green have arranged to send over 300 special Passover food parcels to those unable to support themselves financially during the festival.

The parcels contain essential items including matzo, cold meats, tea, coffee and other groceries to enable less well off members of the community to partake in observing Passover.

"Pesach can be a worrying time for vulnerable members of our community and for many, the service provided by our volunteers is invaluable," said Merrill Dresner, volunteer manager for the United Synagogue."

As well as the special parcels, 18 shuls across the UK are also offering a communal seder. For those unable to afford the cost, subsidies to attend are available.

"Having the opportunity to attend a seder ensures that every member can have a truly memorable Pesach experience," Ms Dresner added.

As well as providing help to their local Jewish community, a number of shuls also took part in the United Synagogue Chametz Project in which members were encouraged to clear out their cupboards of unsuitable food for Passover such as pasta, cereal and biscuits and donate them to local charities. Those benefiting included The Salvation Army and Barnet Refugee Forum.

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