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New Dayan for Beth Din

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2006-04-11

United Synagogue

United Synagogue

The United Synagogue has appointed a new Dayan for the London Beth Din which oversees such Jewish areas as conversion, adoption, arranging gets as well as supervising various Jewish lifecycle events.

Rabbi Shmuel Simons, 42, was previously head of the London Academy for Jewish Studies.

The former pupil of Hasmonean High School has also attended Yeshivot in Gateshead as well as in Israel.

"I am honoured to be given the opportunity to serve the British Jewish Community by becoming a Dayan of the London Beth Din," said Rabbi Simons. "It will be a great privilege to work alongside such respected colleagues in this important institution and I am looking forward to taking up the challenge."

In welcoming him to his new role, Chief Rabbi Sir Jonathan Sacks commented: "He is a man of enormous potential, a master of Jewish law and a person of deep spirituality and integrity, committed to the British Jewish community and its highest aspirations. He will be a fine addition to our team."

Head of the Beth Din Dayan Ch Ehrentreu added: "I am confident that he will rapidly become an integral part of our team and I am very pleased that he has agreed to join our Beth Din."

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