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Last updated: 2002-11-21

Ken Livingstone, the Mayor of London, told the Board of Deputies that he was shocked by recent examples of hate literature targeted at Jews and offered to help in putting pressure on the authorities to prosecute such material.

The Board’s Senior Vice-President Henry Grunwald and Director General Neville Nagler had a meeting with the Mayor earlier this week in order to alert him to the concerns of London’s Jewish community. They informed Mr. Livingstone of the scale of current antisemitic activity, including anti-Jewish behaviour on some university campuses, and sought his help in dealing with this problem.

Henry Grunwald commented: “We emphasised to the Mayor that, whatever one’s views on the Middle East, it is unacceptable to use language which incites hatred or violence. He shared our astonishment that so many cases of hate literature have never been prosecuted. He agreed on the need for the authorities to act in such cases and offered to use his office to reinforce this message.

“We also raised with the Mayor our disappointment that some recent events arranged by the Greater London Authority had been arranged on Saturdays, so preventing observant Jews from taking part. He promised to see whether some of those events could be held on a different day. Altogether, we found this an extremely positive and worthwhile discussion. We look forward to continuing to work closely with the Mayor and the Greater London Authority on all matters that affect London’s Jewish communities.”