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Jewish media round-up

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2006-04-23

Jewish media

Jewish media

Each week SJ editor Leslie Bunder looks at some of the stories that the print Jewish media are reporting by delving into their front pages, news sections and features.

The Jewish Chronicle reports on an increase in the number of British Jews making Aliyah. According to figures from the Jewish Agency, in the first quarter of 2006, 125 Britons emigrated to Israel compared to 85 in the same quarter the previous year. Meanwhile in France around 3000 people made Aliyah in 2005 which is up 25% from the previous year.

The Jewish Chronicle writes of author Dame Muriel Spark's Jewish connection and how even though she become a Roman Catholic in the 1950s, she still connected to the Jewish community. The JC reports: "She was born Muriel Sarah Camberg on February 1 1918 in Edinburgh. While the obituaries have described her as the daughter of a Jewish father and an 'Anglican' or 'Episcopalian' mother, there is a suggestion that her mother came from a Jewish family and that her parents married in synagogue". Her own son Robin is a member of Edinburgh’s Orthodox Jewish community.

The Jewish Chronicle reports that Ilford Police are to step up  surveillance  in Gants Hill following a number of threatened racist attacks and verbal abuse on Jews in the area.As well as being uniformed, the police will also have plain clothed officers monitoring the area.

In a recent incident one man on his way to Friday afternoon services says he was confronted by 15 men making Nazi salutes and shouting 'come back Hitler'.

The Jewish News reports that a magazine produced by Brent Council in north west London has apoliogised for an error that saw it being accused of anti-Semitism. On the contents page the April 2006 issue of The Brent Magazine besides the words 'Balancing the Books: Where your money goes' was a Star of David. The council issued a letter stating “I would like to apologise for any unintentional offence caused by the publishing of the symbol of the Star of David on the content page of the April issue of The Brent Magazine.

"In no way was this meant to be Anti-Semitic. It was used with the other religious symbols as a design feature to illustrate an article which appeared in the magazine on the subject of religious tolerance. The positioning of the symbols was entirely random and was not intended to be malicious."

The Jewish News writes that Jewish charity Norwood has been slammed for not mentioning it was a Jewish charity as part of a  Radio 4 fundraising appeal broadcast earlier this month. In a letter to the Jewish News, a reader writes: "Is this Norwood’s way of informing the community – Jewish, the one that pays their salaries – that they’re going native and giving up religion altogether." Norwood says that it had a limited amount of radio time and that it felt it was best to mention the work it does for the wider community not just specifically Jewish.