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Top of the flops?

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2006-05-05

Eddie Butler

Eddie Butler

With just weeks to go before this year's Eurovision Song Contest, Israel could be facing one of its worst defeats in recent years which may even relegate the country to next year's semi-final.

"Only a miracle, or all the other countries failing to show up may help Israel do well," an Israeli fan emailed to tell SomethingJewish.

According to bookmakers, the song Together We Are One by Eddie Butler is a 150 to 1 very long outsider. Only Portugal at 200 to 1 have lower odds.

Israel's most recent major flop was in 2000 when the group Ping Pong scored just seven points with the song Be Happy.

While in 1993, they came second from bottom with the song Shiru from Lamakat Shiru with Saraleh Sharon.

This year's entry may do similar and looks set to face a backlash from the Israeli public if it does as badly as predicted.

"I have no idea how we could put this through," one Israeli Eurovision fan told SomethingJewish. "It sounds like something out of a second rate Disney cartoon that was wasn't made by Disney. We had several other songs that were very good."

If Israel does not make it as a top six song this year, then next year they will have to take part in a semi-final to try and quality for next year's final.

"Israel's song is really disappointed this year," said Caroline Westbrook, showbiz writer and editor of "It's a really bland song. And if the bookies are to be believed, then Israel will find it very tough to avoid relegation to the semi-finals next year."

Butler himself is no stranger to Eurovision, as part of the group Eden, he came fifth in 1999, the last time Israel hosted the contest.

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