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Last updated: 2002-11-06

President Jo Wagerman has expressed her concern over a group of Palestinian activists who regularly target customers at Marks and Spencer’s stores up and down the country. The group, which includes ‘Friends of Palestine,’ distribute inciteful and inaccurate information calling for the boycott of Marks and Spencer stores due to its continued distribution of Israeli products.

In a letter to the Chairman and Chief Executive of Marks and Spencer, Mr. Luc Vandervelde, the President referred to the harassment of potential customers and the activists’ attempts to disrupt sales in the stores with their anti-Israel propaganda. She offered the Board’s help to assist in dealing with this irritation.

Public Affairs Director Fiona Macaulay commented: “It is absolutely essential that Marks and Spencer is not intimidated by these boycott tactics. The material distributed is offensive and full of factual inaccuracies. Marks and Spencer’s customers have the right to visit these stores free from harassment and this type of behaviour must be condemned and curtailed.”