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It could be Jew?

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2006-05-07

Big Brother

Big Brother

Jewish Big Brother wannabes are set to splash out on Kit Kats in the hope that one of them will emerge as the second only Jewish housemate following Justine from Leeds in series four.

A number of orthodox Jews are among those who will be bulk buying the choccy bar especially as it is listed as approved for those keeping kosher by the London Beth Din.

TV producer Endemol  has teamed up with chocolate company Nestle to offer 100 people the chance to compete for a place in Big Brother 7 which starts on Channel 4 on May 18.

Special packs of Kit Kat will go on sale on May 18 and reminiscent of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory will contain a golden ticket that offers a chance for a person to get on to the hit reality TV programme.

"We are always looking at new ways of trying to find brilliant housemates and the golden ticket feels like a genuinely exciting way to do so," said Angela Jain, Channel 4's Big Brother commissioning editor.

According to an Endemol insider, if an orthodox Jew did emerge as a contestant, they would ensure that their religious needs for keeping kosher and observing shabbat would be meet.  "We make sure vegetarians can have what they need to survive in the Big Brother, so there's nothing stopping someone who is Jewish and even orthodox as we would give them an area for preparing food as well as respecting their religious observance."

"I'm really excited about this," said Stoke Newington resident Ben. The 23-year-old frum fan from north London wants to be a Matisyahu for TV reality shows. "Matisyahu shows how orthodox can rock, so why not let the public see someone like myself or my friends in the Big Brother house. Last series had a Muslim, it's about time for another Jew."

Another frummer from Golders Green, north west London, Dovid is also keen to take part. "I'd love to do something like this, it looks like something that could be good fun."

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