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New plans for UJIA

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2006-05-09



More money going to help, a new logo and a strategic drive to engage better with members of the community is part of UJIA's new direction.

With the slogan 'the heart of Jewish life', the charity which supports both UK and Israeli causes recently held a dinner to supporters to reveal how it intends to be relevant and more supportive to the community.

Mick Davis, chairman of the UJIA revealed that steps have been taken to make the chairty a much more lean operation .

"We have taken steps that to date have reduced our headcount by 20 people, and significantly reduced our overhead costs by £1 million on an annualised basis," said Mr Davis. "The percentage of gross overheads, before any allocation to charitable activities is now 20%, and our goal is to reduce it still further to 15%."

Mr Davis also revealed that the charity needs to expand its reach and tap into those not already donating. "We have hitherto failed effectively to penetrate the 30 to 50 year age group," he admitted. "Your children’s generation do not subscribe to the concept of a tax or an obligation.  They respond to demonstrated need and potential benefit."

Mr Davis added that one of the reasons for engaging new supporters is that its existing base has not increased over the last decade.

"Our fundraising has not only plateaued but it has declined significantly in real terms.  We raised £15 million in 1995 and we raised the same amount in 2005, a decade later," he said.

Better communication with the Jewish community and more accountability with its work will also play a major part of the new UJIA over the coming years, Mr Davis added.

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