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Last updated: 2002-11-06

The University of East London Student Union last week passed a motion at its AGM supporting the practice of suicide bombing as a legitimate tactic claiming believes that the Palestinian people have the right to resist the policies of Israel “by any means necessary”.

They further resolved to organize a series of campus events to “raise awareness of the Palestinians’ continued oppression and exploitation due to Israel’s illegal occupation”. These events will include direct and indirect actions such as the construction of “mock checkpoints and die ins”.

Board Public Affairs Director Fiona Macaulay said: “At a time of increasing campus antisemitism these activities will create an intimidating environment for Jewish students. Far from contributing to any constructive dialogue, the student union has allowed itself to become a mouthpiece for organizations who have no interest in the peace process and wish only to see the end of the state of Israel and the removal of Jewish people from their legitimate sovereign state.

“I would urge students at East London, and indeed all universities, to be vigilant regarding propaganda and disinformation on campus. If speeches are made, or material is distributed that causes, or is likely to cause, hatred of Jewish students, this must be immediately reported to the university authorities and the police. The Board and the UJS will play an active role in such an event.”